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The little things that make CENA outdoor kitchens exceptional

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At CENA we want to ensure our outdoor kitchens become the centrepiece of your garden. The materials and fixtures we use are all of the highest standard and our design consultation is rigorous to ensure every CENA kitchen takes pride of place. But what about the little extras that make our products really stand out from the crowd and take your outdoor cooking well beyond the simple BBQ? Let’s take a little look at just a few of the little things that make CENA kitchens so special:


The side burner to upscale side dishes

Having a side burner as part of your outdoor kitchen allows you create amazing accompaniments to your main dishes. No longer will burger buns, cheese slices, ketchup and lettuce be the only extras in your outdoor meal, with a CENA side burner you can sauté asparagus, wilt spring greens or boil some Jersey Royal new potatoes for the perfect side dish.


A convenient food fridge

CENA is the only outdoor kitchen company that has a full food fridge, not just a bottle fridge. This means not only will you have a plentiful supply of cold drinks; you will also be able to store the ingredients for your meal there. No more running back and forth to the house to get anything that might wilt, melt or go off in the warm air – everything will remain fresh, crisp and cold!


Running water & drainage

Running water (and the all-important plumbing to get rid of the waste water) will make your outdoor kitchen so much more than just an upscaled BBQ. A water supply means you can prepare ingredients, cook with ease and wash up as you go along. It also means making soft drinks and staying hydrated is a breeze.


Bespoke lighting and entertainment

You will want to spend as much time using your outdoor kitchen and that includes once darkness has fallen. That means you will need to consider lighting the area so that you can use it safely and enjoy it late into the evening.

At CENA we can advise on the best type of lighting for your cooking and dining area and, if needed, help install it. The CENA team can also help source sound and vision equipment to upscale your outdoor living space even further.


Smoke boxes for Southern flavour

Do you love that classic wood smoke flavour in your food but prefer the convenience of a gas grill? With an inbuilt smoke box you can use a range of aromatic smoking woods to lend some amazing flavours to meat and fish.


At CENA we want to deliver an outdoor kitchen that suits its new owner down to the ground. Whatever your taste and style we can help you with a kitchen that works for you. Find out more about our full range of fixtures and fittings here and let your imagination go wild!

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