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Finding that sweet spot for your CENA kitchen

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The location of your outdoor kitchen will be very influential in how much you use it, so it’s important to spend plenty of time working out where the best place to build it will be. If you’ve spent at least one summer in your home, you will already know where your favoured outdoor areas are. You'll know where those little suntraps, views or tranquil spaces are.


Free from the constraints of the indoors

The beauty of an outdoor kitchen is that you can locate it wherever you choose and tweak the layout to suit your cooking style. Indoor kitchen layouts are constrained by plumbing, extraction and safety features, but outdoors you can dictate everything and anything about your outdoor kitchen.


Close to home or in the wilds?

Should you remain near the house or move further into your gardens to take advantage of a natural feature? Practicality vs aesthetics, perhaps? I can certainly appreciate the convenience being right in front of your bifold doors, from the proximity of the lavatory to making use of the indoors when it cools in the evening, but if you have a lake in your grounds… why not make the most of the view? More help on location, why not read more here.


The only limit is your imagination

There may be an opportunity to create an entirely new area away from the house and with the plethora of garden buildings to choose from you can enjoy the best of both worlds, budget and space allowing. Garden buildings can add such practicalities such as a toilet, a shelter in case of an April shower or just a lounging area. If you do choose to invest in a garden building as well as an outdoor kitchen it may be worth consulting a landscape architect or similar to ensure you get the ‘wow factor’.


The practicalities

If you wish to make the most of your current garden layout, you will typically choose to site it on an existing patio or decked area. Whether you choose to do this or create a new area elsewhere in your garden, you will need access to a power feed (for refrigeration, lighting, heating etc) and a water supply for a sink. The CENA team are very experienced in assessing each and every individual garden and ensuring that any groundworks are completed to the highest safety and aesthetic levels.


To find out more how CENA can help you, take a look at our Consultations and Installations page. We put the customer at the centre of everything we do so that the end result is your dream outdoor kitchen that you’ll enjoy for many years to come.

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