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What features do I need? Pt 3: What does your ideal summer party look like?

  • Author: Victoria Malcolm
  • Posted in: Outdoor Kitchen Design, Outdoor Living
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Designing your bespoke outdoor kitchen is an exciting process that allows you to pick and choose the elements and configuration that you want. The CENA design team know the exact combination of cooking mediums, fixtures and fittings are needed to create your perfect outdoor kitchen, and one thing we always advise people to consider is this. What will you want to use the kitchen for, and what does the ideal outdoor gathering at your house consist of?


The Personal Foodie Festival

If you are a foodie and love impressing guests with your culinary expertise, then a feature-heavy kitchen will be of great use and may even give you options that the latest indoor kitchen cannot provide. Why not combine a large gas grill with plenty of space for cooking with a side burner for creating accompanying dishes, and a rotisserie for perfecting a roasted leg of lamb? Teppanyaki grills are popular for those who love to give their cooking a far-eastern flavour and can really add some 'wow factor'!


The Intimate Garden Gathering

If you like an intimate gathering with a few close friends or family, then perhaps a counter bar for your friends to enjoy a chilled drink and chat to the chef whilst they work is worth considering? This is often the greatest frustration with a traditional BBQ; the organiser not being able to be a part of the party to which they had gone to such ends to prepare for! By utilising a U-shape you can keep your guests out of the way of the cooking process, but still be able to enjoy their company. Think about adding a simple floating counter top for people to lean and chat - and pass comment on your cooking skills…


The Classic Boozy BBQ

A long, lazy summer BBQ or a fine wine-focused affair will both need plenty of cool drinks on hand throughout the day. This can take several forms, either a combined food and drink fridge, a dedicated bottle fridge for the serious wine fans or an integrated ice-filled wine bucket you can move to the table with you. Some might say you need all three for the best results.


The Family Feast

If you love passing your outdoor cooking wisdom onto the next generation of your family, you’ll probably want to involve the youngsters in the cooking. In this case, plenty of preparation and counter top space is useful, as is that all important sink to help clear up the mess that follows kids around! Another child-friendly option is a pizza oven. This gives everyone the chance to get hands-on making their favourite type of pizza, produces tasty food without requiring Michelin-starred chef skills and is great fun to boot.


Still not sure what you want? Why not let CENA help...

No matter what your ideal foodie gathering looks like, CENA can help you design and install your dream outdoor kitchen to match your space and budget. Our team are passionate about outdoor living and helping people enjoy their gardens as much as possible, so please contact us for more ideas and inspiration. Say hello today.


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