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Upscaling outdoor living spaces in the lockdown era

  • Author: Victoria Malcolm
  • Posted in: Outdoor Kitchen Design, Outdoor Living
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As we write this, the citizens of the UK are trying to figure out what the latest Government advice means for them. As restrictions on our movement gradually ease, it looks likely that outdoor spaces will form the basis of our rather limited social lives for a while yet. We’re not expecting to be able to go to restaurants, pubs or sporting events for quite some time. That means that parks, the countryside and our gardens will be incredibly important. In 2020 it’s time to embrace the fresh air! 

Upscaling your outdoor living space

Here at CENA we’ve seen a huge uptick in people interested in upscaling their outdoor living spaces during lockdown. Scrubbing and painting decking, laying new patios, snapping up planters and growing vegetables and bedding plants from seed. The nation has become garden obsessed. We’re so impressed with the outdoor furniture upcycling, brilliant BBQ areas and genius planting schemes people are coming up with. There are even some full outdoor kitchens being created by talented amateur carpenters and handymen. We've created our 'How to Plan an Outdoor Kitchen' eBook to help you figure out the materials and cooking elements that work best for you. 

Breathe in the peace and quiet...

Busying ourselves away from the news and screens is also good for the soul. The satisfaction of seeing a garden project come together or seeing seedlings thriving in the sun is far more rewarding than a constant cycle of daily figures and worry. Even if you simply take a good book and flop down on a beanbag on the lawn it’s so much better than being glued to a phone screen! We’ve also been lucky enough to enjoy long stretches of warm and sunny weather. That makes it easier to while away those long lockdown days in the garden…. 

CENA is open for business!

For those who are on the hunt for a fully-equipped outdoor kitchen, you’ll be pleased to hear that CENA is still fully open for business. During the lockdown our teams have been busy working with customers up and down the UK. Some have decided that now is the time to add an outdoor kitchen to their garden, others have undertaken a full landscaping project. So many events have been cancelled and the government is still advising against booking domestic or foreign holidays. For some, it’s time to invest in their property instead. An outdoor kitchen will bring so much joy, expanding the entertaining space of your home and upscaling your BBQ repertoire. 

Our latest outdoor kitchen installation

We’re delighted to bring you photographs of the very latest CENA outdoor kitchen being installed in Cotgrave, near Nottingham. Our design, manufacture and installation teams worked together with the customer to bring together the whole project, from landscaping and kitchen creation to the bespoke furniture and patio design. We are also delighted to be working with Darren Rumley at OneArtisan. This project includes some of his stunning Luna concrete light sculptures. This contemporary outdoor kitchen will form the heart of this family’s socially-distant summer. It will also be the perfect place for a party, once normal life is able to resume! Drop our team a line if you are interested in a CENA outdoor kitchen this summer. 

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